As you know, Flying Lotus had his own station on GTA. I present to you Flylo FM

This as you remember came from GTA V. Check it out. October 7th

If the beat sounds familiar to you, it is Lately from Hodgy Beats Untitled EP. Yes it was produced by Lotus. This was a nice little tune that I could get into on late nights. October 7th

In 2012, Flying Lotus released his album Until the Quiet Comes which was a huge step because with this release, it was an overall theme and feeling to it as if it were created as a soundtrack. October 7th 

This is a collaboration that was done with Baths. It’s kept short and simple but really is a standout track of his random releases. October 7th 

This is the most significant Flying Lotus song to me. This was actually my introduction into listening to his music. It was the summer of 2012 and when I first heard this I checked it out for the Earl feature because I was anticipating hearing more from Earl after his return from Samoa. Not only was this my first Lotus listen, but we were introduced to the incognito rapper known as Captain Murphy. So much speculation came around who this person was and it turned out to be Lotus himself. If you like this check out the Murphy project Duality. October 7th

Just click the link and I shouldn’t even have to explain why I love this song so much. It’s one that was able to take me places. It was also my introduction into Thundercat who is also a favorite of mine. This is from the album Cosmogramma. October 7th

This is a song that was on his 24 track mixtape last year. I really love that mixtape. It’s full of great songs even though most of it is just drafts and unfinished ideas. It brought you into the creative process of Lotus himself. October 7th 

Counting down for You’re Dead! I will randomly post my favorite songs by Flying Lotus. Here’s An Xbox killed my dog. I heard this last year and was on repeat for days. October 7th

Flying Lotus and Kendrick Lamar team up for this new amazing jazzy record for Lotus’ new album ‘You’re Dead!’ This is a personal favorite of mine and I personally can’t wait for the release. October 7th